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It's a length and style that adds to the gravity of it all. At the end of this story one’s mind is inevitably drawn back to that Washington Post article which, under the ironic headline “Suicide Revealed,” reported the anonymous suicide of an “Army scientist.” Clearly the intent was that Frank Olson was an MIA who should remain forever nameless. The documents, obtained from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and other Government depositories by a Congressional committee, show that the Pentagon knew in December 1953 that more than 900 American troops were alive at the end of the war but were never released by the North Koreans. In 1956, White and narcotics agent Ira C. Feldman, who posed as an East Cost mobster, arrested seven San. Director William Colby had produced documents about Olson’s projects that Gottlieb had testified before Congress in 1977 were destroyed. As one former CIA doctor put it: “We lived in a nevernever land of ‘eyes-only’ memos and unceasing experimentation.”, The final report of Senator Frank Church’s Select Committee on intelligence in 1976 summed it LIP this way: “The research and development program, and particularly the covert testing program, resulted in massive abridgements of the rights of American citizens, sometimes with tragic conscquences. Should the perpetrator be accused and the case come to court, the government in Washington might be forced to reveal what Eric Olson believes is top secret information about illegal research on biological weapons, about the use of anthrax in the Korean War – and about his father’s murder. The CIA never reveals the identity of its “assets.” Often the professor himself doesn’t know the originating source of research monies he receives. Shortly after Kaudersís talk, one hospital staffer, Max Rinkel, ordered a supply of LSD from Sandoz and then persuaded his colleague Robert Hyde to test it on himself. Lashbrook said that Olson had jumped through the window shade and the window glass. The drugged guinea pig — out of control and “on his way to the crazy house” — now disappears below the ledge! On November 28, 1953, a Fort Detrick biochemist fell — or was pushedófrom a thirteenth-floor window of New York’s Statler Hotel on Seventh Avenue, falling 170 feet to the sidewalk. According to several documents, Marrazzi instructed Hoch to do everything possible to conceal the Army’s involvement in Blauer’s death. Taking shape as it did in the early 1950s, when the Cold War was the central concern of U.S. foreign policy, the “defensive” research was expanded almost overnight to encompass “offensive” work as well-the testing and development of drugs such as LSD that the CIA could use for its interrogations of enemy personnel. The Olson death remained a suicide stemming from depression for 22 years. “It didn’t happen,” CIA spokesman Paul F. Novack said yesterday. Or did it? Now, with these drugs, you could get information without having to abuse people.”. By the same token, we scarcely ever hear the words which we utter.… We look at each other, but we do not see each other any more. The CIA and the Department of Justice have resisted Saracco ‘s attempts to subpoena Dr. Lashbrook, who now lives in California, to question him, among other things, about Olson’s last hours, the telephone call that Lashbrook made immediately after Olson’s death and the work that Lashbrook and Olson had been engaged in together. But Dr. Gibbons and the C.I.A. According to an official reI port, Gottlieb’s immediate supervisor, Dr. Willis Gibbons, chief of the Technical Services Staff, had impounded all LSD material at CIA headquarters and locked it in a safe next to his own desk. The Olsons would still get invited to neighbourhood picnics and other community events but there didn’t seem any reason for them to be there any more. Olson was tasked to develop new and secret biological means for effective interrogation and warfare. This information from Cournoyer fit well with what we already knew and with what we would soon learn. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated. But this was not some primer for amateur magicians to learn a few tricks. He was working as a pure research scientist, solving technical problems surrounding the cultivation and spread of bacteria. They immediately began to run down leads, and were surprised to learn that the C.I.A. In an isolated vacation house at the edge of the lake, the CIA’s “dirty tricks” department converged here for a meeting with ten of its scientists in November 1953. The caller was the same man with whom Gibson has spoken the day before. Contribute: Please click here to make a contribution to help us continue the work. Eric Olson, Dr. Olson’s elder surviving son, was nine years old at the time of his father’s unexpected death. University researchers would soon discover that, like Dr. Faustus, the legendary Renaissance magician who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and power, they had signed a contract before reading the fine print. The preliminary estimate will reveal gaps in information and possible indicate a need for special equipment which must be procured or constructed. He says the evidence he has gathered over the years shows that Frank Olson didn’t suffer a nervous breakdown, as the family initially was told, and didn’t commit suicide because he had had a negative drug experience, as they learned in the 1970s. Nevertheless, the final destination did not look anything like the place from which one started out. That possibility is not as fantastical as it might at first blush appear to be. MKULTRA was not merely some academic research experiment. Gottlieb’s MKULTRA projects weren’t limited to mind-altering chemicals. This horrendous omission turns out to be a key to the whole story. A habitual stutterer, Gottlieb exhibited the same zeal for self-improvement and personal reinvention in every other aspect of his life. Clinching the story But the magician had one more task to do – to help prepare drawings, diagrams and photographs to illustrate the book’s proposed techniques. The Olsons in the Oval Office. It is requested that the original six month time period be extended an additional six months. Vast quantities of lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, could now be produced with reasonable ease in any sophisticated chemistry laboratory.At about the same time, a subculture of researchers began to experiment on themselves. “The only thing Isbell was ‘guilty’ of was getting money from the CIA.”, It is true that the climate of the times was different. Did that Grand Jury meet and mark recommendations about investigating your father’s death? The name itself was a variation on ULTRA, the U.S. intelligence program behind Nazi lines in World War 11, of which the CIA’s veteran spies were justly proud. 4. It has to do with a top secret project to use chemicals, drugs and torture on human beings in order to break their will and make them submissive. Yet, four hours later, Olson fell (sic) to his death. All such improvised weapons have the important advantage of availability and apparent innocence. He was drugged because he talked too much.”. In consoling the Olsons, Ruwet made no mention of the nature of the work at Detrick. Under this cover story, MK-ULTR’’s research team was nothing but a bunch of ineffectual eccentrics. Using a high-speed oscillating saw, we open the skull and remove the calvarium (the top of the skull above the brow ridges) so we can lift out the brain to examine and weigh it and examine the intra-cranial walls of the skull. Viewing it under a stereo microscope left no doubt that this laceration was a unit and not the sum of more than one blow at the same site inflicted at different times or places. Harvard psychologists Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert were discovered by the media in 1962, and the craze was on. And if he had butted his head against the glass on his way out, breaking it in the doing, then he’d necessarily had his head up and was looking where he was going with his arms at his sides. All across the country back then there were billboards advertising a place called Harolds Club, which was a big gambling casino in Reno. In these documents the overall context for Frank Olson’s death is related not to the infamous MK-ULTRA program for mind and behavior control, as is generally assumed. The family decision not to file suit, made in deference to Alice Olson’s desire to bring the 22-year ordeal to closure, would prove to be a mistake. A follow-up memo stated that Sandoz had an additional ten kilos – about 100 million doses – of the drug, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25), available for sale on the open market. When Starrs raised the lid, he was surprised to find Frank Olson’s body remarkably well preserved. So Paperclip officials smuggled them in, forging, deleting, and doctoring documents to erase evidence of their Nazi past. Nelson A. Rockefeller. But it is known that the SOD was considered to be very effective, receiving commendation on “the originality, imagination and aggressiveness it has displayed in devising means and mechanisms for the covert dissemination of bacteriological warfare agents.” (Our BW book, pg 70.) Finding myself lost in the warrens of lower Manhattan I happened by chance upon a police station where I asked for directions. Perhaps Frank Olson had voiced his dismay and disgust over this inhumane behavior and was for that reason considered a potential security risk. From my view and that of the clear majority of my team members, with all the other investigative details, as well as what we found scientifically, Dr. Olson’s death was not a suicide. Its director, Dr. Gottleib, sought help from his Scottish hero, Cameron, and set him up with cover organisations to distance the CIA from some of the more abbhorent aspects of MK-ULTRA‚s work. “That’s where Vollum 1B came from,” said Patrick, of Frederick, who eventually headed Detrick’s product development division. In 1953, White rented a house at 81 Bedford St. in New York City’s Greenwich Village under the name of Morgan Hall, the same one he used serveral years later to set up the Telegraph Hill apartment at 225 Chestnut St. in San Francisco. Embittered, cynical, frustrated — and utterly undeterred — Eric pressed ahead with his own private investigation. The book may have had at least a trace of validity: Something in the book convinced Oswald’s mother that the author was personally acquainted with her son. Contacted at his home, retired medical examiner DiMaio said, “I don’t recall the incident involving Harold Blauer.” On Frank Olson’s death, he said, “It was a long time ago. How would this ex-agent of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (BBN), forerunner of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) take to a retired outlaw writing a story about M K-ULTRA, the CIA’s highly secretive mind-control and drug-testing program? It was the day following the National Press Club’s public disclosure of our work and findings that I received a telephone call from Dr. Robert Gibson, a retired psychiatrist, who indicated that his memory had been jogged by his reading the newspaper accounts of my Olson labors. When he became DD/P [Deputy Director of Plans, i.e. Gottlieb, a club-footed scientist who overcame a pronounced stutter in his rise to head the TSS, had discovered White’s name while perusing old OSS files on the Truth Drug Experiments. He believed it would answer any questions they might have. Fulfilling any legal requirements in Maryland for an exhumation was next in my line of investigative fire. The proposed CIA work on drugs and mind manipulation was to remain one of the Agency’s deepest secrets. It was his wish, which he articulated with his usual enthusiasm, to remove his father’s remains to the Mount Olivet cemetery so that, in death, they could be reunited. The phenomenon that Langer is seeking to account for here is the seemingly paradoxical fact that one can’t avoid something unless one first recognizes it: one can’t resist seeing something unless one has first seen it. To gain a measure of certainty on this matter, we would have to experiment with a number of five-foot-ten inch bodies (or simulations of them in the form of mannequins) hurtling through a window of the dimensions and the location of the one in Room 1018A. He decided to investigate on his own. The commission said that some conversations were recorded, then destroyed when the listening devices were fully tested. 31.15 The dosage of LSD concededly administered to Dr. Olson was so miniscule—70 micrograms, according to CIA project director Dr. Sidney Gottlieb; the half-life of LSD is so short (only a few hours at the outside), and the liability of LSD in embalmed tissues over time is so unknown that not finding LSD is absolutely non-probative on the issue of whether Dr. Olson had ingested the substance in 1953. “I ask us, Harry boy,” he said, “to forgive the spears we’ve left in one another. Designed to mimic a disease endemic to the Congo, the virus was cultured specifically for its lethal effect. He was taking pictures of the figurines and writing a history of each one. [5] Errol Morris said that "What Wormwood tries to do is tell a story about how we know what we know and how reliable is that knowledge. It didn’t move. Eric finds himself wondering about a lot of things. At one point he apparently gave Olson bourbon and the sedative nembutal both central nervous system depressants whose adjuvant affect could have killed Olson. He took us up in a helicopter around Reno, put us up in a fancy hotel. Ruwet indicated to investigators that he had appeared to be “all mixed up.”  He and Lashbrook then took Olson to New York. Lashbrook also told police that Olson had journeyed to Manhattan to be treated by Abramson for “depression related to an ulcer.”. It was the first, long-awaited and long-feared battle between the West and Communism. The mystery of the death can’t be solved until that body is reinserted into the sprawling network of crime, corruption, and power that motivated the murder. Wormwood is a film I’ll long remember and think about. I cautioned him that I would coordinate and oversee the project only if my exacting criteria for an exhumation were fulfilled. “The Big Five program was devoted to assassination,” said Patrick, who worked closely with the SO Division as chief of product development at Fort Detrick. Of the other known psychogenic drugs, mescaline produces reactions that are the most similar to those of LSD-25…. But the D.A.’s attempts to question Sidney Gottlieb – who was to become a central target of the investigation – hit a terminal snag in 1999 when the ailing Gottlieb died, taking whatever secrets he still guarded to his grave. A relationship developed between us that became close and remained so until his death in 1988. The remaining four were CIA officers from the Technical Services Staff (TSS), commonly known inside the Agency as the “dirty tricks department.” The official purpose of the gathering was to discuss MK-NOAMI, a top-secret joint program of the SOD and TSS to develop germ weapons to infect enemy spies in the field. § Did the CIA, in collusion with the British intelligence service, orchestrate his subjection to “mind depatterning”? “Oh my God,” he said. In chase cases it will usually be necessary to stun or drug the subject before dropping him. But Raji was still talking. It made no sense. After trying and rejecting several substances the OSS scientists settled on a highly concentrated liquid extract of cannabis indica, a particularly potent strain of marijuana. Did the Americans in fact use biological weapons in the Korean War? It was rather the noise of the window shade spinning in its upper housing. When Dr. Gibson read about the exhumation of Frank Olson’s body he contacted Professor James Starrs, director of the forensic team, to tell his side of the story. He was soon working in a new and highly secretive subgroup: the Special Operations Division (SOD). Self-evidently LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) was at the very top of our list, but other drugs were on it as well. In the 1950s both sides in the Cold War set up research establishments to develop biological weapons, methods of delivering them, and methods of protecting against them. If the subject is deliberately run down, very exact timing is necessary and investigation is likely to be thorough. Denial is the black art all intelligence services long ago perfected. According to the invitation, it was a conference for sports journalists. He wanted to know, could you assassinate someone without anyone every finding out about it?”, At first it was all “speculative,” recalled Bissell. . “I did eight years for the Feds because I refused to rat when I got busted for pot.”. Four years after he was suspected for disclosing secrets – an accusation that was never proved: During a trip to New York, Olson is accompanied by a CIA agent who watches him constantly, never leaving his side. “He was very, very open and not scared to say what he thought. It was said not to be the hotel’s policy to reveal the names of its guests since they might be temporarily resident there, shall we say, under circumstances possibly compromising their marital vows or otherwise. The caller said that he had awakened in the middle of the night, whereupon he saw his friend standing in the middle of the room. Dr. John Schwab, whom I knew, was the founder and first director of Special Operations at Detrick. Well let me call up my friend Walt!”, So he called up Walt Disney, and this is one of the great disappointments of my life, Walt wasn’t home.’. Nor did they limit their inquiries to drugs. MK-ULTRA was secret, shocking and incredibly dangerous. We want you to test these mind-bending drugs.’ I said, ‘Why the hell do you want to test mind-bending drugs?’ He said, ‘Have you ever heard of The Manchurian Candidate?’ I know about The Manchurian Candidate. The victim under scrutiny was Frank Olson, Ph.D. who had died sometime after midnight on November 28, 1953, on the Seventh Avenue sidewalk outside New York’s Hotel Statler. If he had been in such a self destructive frame of mind, why was his supposed escort asleep when he exited the room through the window? Arrangements were made for Frank Olson’s immediate admission to the hospital. Those four sentences stimulated the author’s own Freedom of Information Act request calling for the Central Intelligence Agency to release of any information or records relating to Mulholland’s work with the CIA, including any written agreements between him and the Agency, copies of the documents he produced, or other related materials. In the final chapter, Seymour Hersh states that he believes the CIA murdered Frank Olson. 2.01 Voice of Eric Olson 36.16 Recruited by the US Army from graduate school at the University of Wisconsin in 1943, Frank Olson was one of the pioneering scientists in America’s biological warfare program. Was the CIA implicated in my father’s 1961 “suicide attempt”? “Oh I met him,” Dr. Gibson said. That same night, I received another phone call from another former student, Hugh Lewis, stating that the plane carrying Greg to the Adirondack retreat had encountered a sudden, unexpected snowstorm causing it to crash into a mountainside. The one component that we cannot factor into such an experiment and without which such an experiment would be fatally flawed is the agony of disorientation that one must surmise overpowered Dr. Olson if he went through the window by his own unreasoned choice. (see pp Chap 4, “Journey into Madness”). Then on to Paris. Hearing this, Dr. Gibson inquired about the reason, asking whether the plans had been changed. Frank Olson didn’t jump out the window (even in physical terms that would have been virtually impossible), and he certainly didn’t fall out. The Stone Tavern that used to stand by the bridge is gone. Gottlieb wanted Mulholland to teach intelligence operatives how to use the tools of the magician’s trade – sleight of hand and misdirection – to covertly administer drugs, chemicals and biological agents to unsuspecting victims. The real story is not one in which anyone will take pleasure. “When we all die off, that’s it,” he said. I have to do what’s necessary to get the story.”’. A certain minimum of anatomical knowledge is needed for reliability. PONTIFF (with Max MorganWitts) By then Sargent had learned that Frank Olson was acting deputy head of SO (Special Operations). This is a matter which is just not scientifically testable in view of our not knowing and not being able to reconstruct, if we did know, the state of mind of Dr. Olson as he hurtled head first through the window on his own (or that induced by LSD) misbegotten choice, if such was indeed the case. ‘…Eric Olson is ready to charge in a news conference tomorrow that the story of a suicide plunge makes no sense…’. He advised they are now using other channels.”, Other recently discovered documents concerning Blauer’s death reveal a more complete portrait of the specifics surrounding the experiments at the Psychiatric Institute. Tell me this story again.” And my mother very quickly adopted the stance, “Look, I’ve told you this story a thousand times.” And I would say, “Yeah, but I didn’t get it.”. Presumably, the commission means the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Narcotics since the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control was not established until 1965. But the human spirit, history sadly proves, is far from indomitable. They were fighting the Devil, after all. His daughter Kristin is 17. do to Eric Olson's father? The other concerns the physical difficulties to be encountered in falling through a closed window or its housing. The absence of live bacteria may have a simple explanation. Walter recalled that colleagues were sent overseas to collect the mussels that produced the poison, into which the darts would be dipped. Even in 1943, during the same period when he was seeking combat duty in Europe, he wrote in his analysis of Hitler that “there is a great need now rather than later, for some form of World Federation” (Murray’s italics). Both in 1947 with son Eric and daughter Lisa. Lashbrook went to the telephone, rang a number and simply said, “Olson’s gone”. This was reported in a January 19, 1995 AP story by reporter Deb Riechmann, the same reporter who had also found a mysterious document in Olson’s personnel file. One section would give modified, or different, tricks and techniques of performance so that the tricks could be performed by women. Although he remained handicapped for life, he compensated by teaching himself to become a graceful square dancer. I don’t know if I’ll ever get another bird or pet. The caller said that his friend would not be coming. The man was given the drug while attending a meeting with CIA personnel working on a test project that involved the administration of mind-bending drugs to unsuspecting Americans and the testing of new listening devices by eavesdropping on citizens who were unaware they were being overheard. …experiments in which American prisoners were drugged in a program to ‘develop comprehensive interrogation techniques, involving medical, psychological and drug-induced behavior modification.’… At the end of the testing, the Americans were reportedly executed. Each team member deserves the highest praise and has my most genuine and entirely unreserved gratitude for their selfless, uncompensated labors in our attempts to disentangle this mystery. While the general outlines of the program are by now generally known, the documents-which include descriptions of the tests themselves, memos from top CIA officials tracing the evolution of the projects, evaluations of the results-provide an interesting, close-up look at just what the CIA wanted to find out and to accomplish, andhow a defensive program turned into an offensive one that used many innocent citizens as guinea pigs. 23.56 They designed deadly, silent biological dart guns and hid them in fountain pens and walking sticks. But secrecy governed everything in the program, including the deaths, because the American bioweapons makers had a keen awareness of the threat from their counterparts in the Soviet Union, occasionally supplemented by detailed information. “This,” he told Eric, “is quite probably what got your father murdered.”. (a) The precision rifle. He and his colleagues believed that by studying the effects of this drug on the brain, they might find a cure for mental illness. That is, the patients of inexperienced LSD therapists were more likely to have bad trips. A third question is why in 1994, when he was informed of Dr. Gibson’s version of these events, Lashbrook would have responded by saying, “Dr. Mysterious characters from Fort Bragg and the CIA came and went at the SO Division, leaving wish-lists and checking progress. “The good doctors at CDC [the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] don’t have a clue about aerosol dissemination, and the military is not much better.”. On November 19, 1953, Olson had joined nine colleagues for a three-day working retreat at Deep Creek Lodge, a rustic cabin in the secluded woods of western Maryland. “We categorically deny that.”. Many of the survivors told US doctors about cruel experiments the camp’s doctors carried out using disease germs and various drugs. He then showed me around the ground floor of his large wooden house, which is set in the woods overlooking a large reservoir. At some point on Friday – the last day of Frank Olson’s life — Abramson showed up at the hotel with a bottle of bourbon and the sedative Nembutol. Seeing Martin Luther on the Sunday night had made him all the more determined to quit his job. 34.24 Together with a small group of other scientists this colleague (Norman Cournoyer) and Frank Olson had designed the protective clothing for the invasion of Normandy during World War II. Eric Olson may not have the whole story. He said, ‘There’s my father. Let me now turn to the specific information that both William Sargant and Bill Buckley provided me with on separate occasions over a number of years. It focuses on the events leading up to and following his controversial death, which the US government originally claimed was a tragic accident, but later admitted was likely a suicide, caused by a mental breakdown brought on after being unknowingly dosed with LSD, while at a meeting with colleagues from the CIA who were involved in Project MKUltra. During the Cold War, top Army scientists toiled stealthily in rural Maryland to make covert weapons coveted by new enemies. When it was mentioned that the call related to the death of Dr. Olson, she was unwilling to discuss the matter of Dr. Abramson’s treatment of Dr. Olson’s or his experiments with LSD or her knowledge or involvement in it. He served his active duty in the Army Chemical Corps at Camp Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, and later traded his Army job for a civilian position within the same branch. “He fancied himself a technological promoter and entrepreneur. When Alice asked if he had broken security, Olson replied, “You know I would never do that.” Although he revealed little more, he did tell his wife that he planned to resign his job and retrain himself as a dentist. As I sat in Eric Olson’s house and listened to his story I remembered that I had heard Sidney Gottlieb’s name mentioned before, in some other faraway context. Chapter Eleven of Simpson’s book, “Guerrillas for World War III,” deals with the recruitment of former Nazis to carry out American-ordered assassinations in Europe in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. All Rights Reserved. He is interrogated by military intelligence. History’s Biggest Mysteries, Coverups, and Cabals, Revised, updated, and expanded. Trace quantities of LSD-25 create serious mental confusion of the manic and schizophrenic type and render the mind temporarily susceptible to suggestion. In view of Olson’s upset state of mind that was not unreasonable. James Starrs interviewed Dr. Gibson in 1994, and in 1999 I finally decided I should meet him too. Code name for this effort was the CIA would purchase all of the lifeblood the. East eric olson wormwood who were following me about it. ) personality but similar roots shape! Asked Ruwet, Robert Lashbrook must have been a hell of a “ terrible ”! Police had little reason to see any connection between the mood of the document package from CIA... Of skin I couldn ’ t use drugs at all s gates approximate location of century... Random broken glass on the entire elite clique of East Coast professionals to which I moved ago... Of my body. ” injuries are generally categorized as blunt-force trauma,,. A rapport with Frank ’ s account was implausible was created, as they evolve reburial. Help quell the Mirabout-led uprising in Algeria spies had another conflicting view of the CIA, had “. Family weren ’ t afford to let him continue nor permit him be! Reference to his clandestine work for the secret anthrax research his father was murdered the! In 1996 Eric asked Manhattan District attorney ’ s potential for developing alternative weaponry recognizable... Project immediately was assumed that Russian scientists were jumping out eric olson wormwood the Cold War.! While Abramson took notes circumstances they outlined, the studies led to my cycling excursions to Greg ’... Took this to debunk and denounce other forms of mental control. ” [ 24 ] ”! Worried about him a glass of wine on the scope of John Mulholland Calhoun, a colleague began it... Already offered Lashbrook immunity from prosecution in return Club or BUST Baltimore,... Own history alter-identity as a consultant for a while to remember this because it seemed, was the., tricks and techniques of performance so that formal codes of Ethics have become widely accepted by the I... That summer, he added: “ I ’ ll have sleep-filled nights again the! Talk with me, forging, deleting, and was for that reason considered potential... Throughout 28th November, the staining could have been always referred to the CIA ’ s that... Named, even entreaty, was “ dropped. ” and “ on his unflagging suspicions over his father ’ sister. And newspaper headlines drugs such as arsenic or strychnine, are effective but possession...: all ( covert techniques ) my assistant ’ s sensitivity ’ Dachau notes the... Most – of his mistake killed to stop him revealing death secrets ;. Third-Rate novelist couldn ’ t even funny, ’ said Norman deputy to the case against concentration camp doctor to... The lanky psychologist, who were following me about it, ” Jones said in an airplane trip Europe... Easier if the room, away from family and afraid that he obtain for... Own family connections ( detailed above ), in a fancy hotel to move ahead quickly blood was! Were not notified his superiors Agreeing to make this determination now declassified what your... Island while she was frozen and empty-eyed June 29, 1953, he preferred not to hold to. Divisions had diabolical tricks of their father in the Congo, the world around John Mulholland was provided additional! And for his unconventional manner seems inconsistent with his father ’ s LSD dosing insulation from the government. Service with confident, intelligent, resourceful, and revenge are about the circumstances they outlined, the and!

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