rustoleum primer for miniatures

Krylon or Rustoleum? Recommended: Vallejo’s white primer works well on a variety of surfaces including metal, resin, and plastic. Some hobbyists swear by white, and others refuse to prime with white. Thin coats should be applied in several layers, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next. I coated the miniature with a coat of gloss lacquer, I think I was using Rustoleum. It’s fairly expensive for a primer, but may be valuable for the Contrast Paint Technique of “one thick coat”. , you can find large cans of industrial or automotive primer for a lot cheaper than those packaged as being for miniatures. The Krylon Ultraflat Primer is a very versatile spray primer that sells for $10. Overall, take your time when you apply a brush-on primer. This means that, in general, it will take more coats of a light color paint to cover a dark color than it will for a dark color to cover a light one. The color primer you should use depends on your goals and preferences. It comes in many different colors. It’s awesome and I love it with every part of my body. Other options exist, and let’s go through that a bit: Enamel based primers are good for metal and resin miniatures because they harden into a thicker, more protective barrier than polyurethane primers. As a shortcut, black primer also lets you use zenithal highlighting. The white primer seems to cause some individuals some problems with the quality of the final surface. I also happen to run this site and write the majority of its content! Recommended: Rust-Oleum’s automotive primer holds up well when sanding or smoothing and can be used on metal or resin miniatures. It seals and protects porous surfaces. Many miniature painters use gesso for priming miniatures and models. White also makes it tough to see details and surface volumes. It applies thinly when sprayed from a proper distance from the model. If you’re looking to step it up, try Army Painter cans or Citadel Chaos Black. A perfect spray enamel primer for all your modeling needs. The next easiest application is aerosol spray cans of primer. Often times I’ll prime black, then highlight in white. It’s less accurate, so if you’re adding a highlight coat with a rattle can it’s not as easy. In contrast to acrylic paint, primers do not absorb water after they dry. We’ll start this detailed analysis by taking a look at Krylon. It sticks nicely to any metal or plastic surface. Gesso seals off porous surfaces effectively, and forms a solid foundation to apply paint. When spraying primer, make sure you set up a backsplash to contain any overspray. There aren’t too many cons with Tamiya’s surface primer. Let it dry completely. If you start with pure white, bright colors will be much easier than black. The higher quality the miniature, in fact, the more finely detailed and textured it will be. I’m recommending Gray, but any of the Surface Primer colors are great undercoats. Gray is obviously the halfway point between black and white, and it actually does a good job for priming. While there often is a marked difference in the quality of the primer, depending on your specific needs, you might be able to get away with buying a cheaper primer. This should only take a few minutes, as this stuff dries fast! Unlike miniature-specific primers, however, industrial primers can be sanded down after drying, giving you the chance to smooth out the surface before painting. This is my favorite primer for most miniature and modeling jobs. It stinks literally. I’m not a fan of the bottle caps on these Badger paints and primers. And, for best results try to spray this rattle can primer in relatively low humidity at room temperature (25C or 70F). Rust-Oleum primer is also known to protect against environmental exposure, blocking out ambient moisture. For metal miniatures, you want a primer that hardens and for lack of better words, “sticks better” to the metal or resin surface. The pockets in the figure will simply appear darkly shadowed. Aerosol or rattle can primers also pose an issue because of the odors and potentially harmful vapors. Primers can be applied with spray cans, brushes, or airbrushes. Vallejo has pretty much the same end result if I’m honest, it just requires me to thin it. It can certainly be worth the cost if you are trying to achieve very detailed, high-quality work or are painting competitively. Keep the can more than 6-12 inches away from your working surface of the model. Harmful vapors are not friendly to painting in a basement or enclosed area with poor ventilation. I haven’t used any AK Interactive products (they can be pricey here), Pingback: Essential Tools and Supplies for Painting Miniatures and Models - Tangible Day. No problems! It will kill the small detail on it and make it look like a turd. This primer auto-levels as it dries evening out any small bumps in your model surface. These can either be miniature specific or general, industrial primers. For my personal work, I like separating the priming stage from my painting stage. This is a general statement, and I found it to be the case when I primed Storm Troopers with my Rustoleum rattle cans. Applying gesso can also be difficult because it is prone to making bubbles in the surface. For brush-on primers, the advice is also the same – brush-on primers are situationally useful, but in my opinion secondary to spray primers. I use many brands of miniature paints for my work, e.g., Scalecolor 75, Citadel, Master Reaper Series, P3, Badger paints, Vallejo Model Air and Game Color, but only keep a few primer types on-hand. They’re a bit messy and you typically want to be either outside or in a very well-ventilated area. In zenithal highlighting methods, you either airbrush or use another white-color spray paint (this could be another primer or simply white paint) over the black primer-colored model. Gesso, a plaster or glue-based compound, is usually used on canvases or stone and ceramic sculptures. If you apply too much primer, then you may lose some fine surface details as the primer fills them in. It will strongly bond to the clean, bare surfaces of plastic, metal and resin miniatures and models. If you’re not feeling the spray cans and prefer to brush on, I started with the Vallejo but then switched to Stynylrez based on a friend’s recommendation. And, in general, you’ll be painting other colors on top of those first primer layers anyway. Expensive as a primer. Rust-Oleum Professional 1 gal. So, you want to be careful in choosing a primer that you can apply thinly on your plastic miniatures. It is a new formulation designed for use along… This isn’t much of an issue on auto parts or large figures, but on miniatures, these layers can quickly obscure fine details. They are similar on almost every level that I can investigate through online research. Citadel by Games Workshop is a staple for many people. Acrylic paints do not bind well to these materials. Liquitex makes an easy-to-dispense bottle of this Gray colored gesso. At the end of the day, it’s personal preference. Gesso provides the perfect "tooth" and adhesion to a wide variety of supports and surfaces. Spray farther away and in very light misting coats. A quick and gentle cleaning with a toothbrush and mild soap can make a big difference. Much more so than painting wood or something else which has already been painted. In my opinion, though, Testors spray primer is a solid product (just make sure you shake it well and spray in a preferably cool, low humidity environment). The history of this world heavyweight, Krylon, dates back to as early as 1947. No thinning, no nothing. White primer will help you see details in the surface of the model. It can be used for thinning both primer and model paints, and act as a flow-improver. You can follow the same primer application tips as airbrush primer applications. Homepage / auto / Primers. Primer may not adhere properly if the temperature is too cold or the air is too humid. When shopping for primers, you’ll quickly notice that not only are there many varieties to choose from, but there is also a drastic difference in pricing and quantity. Interestingly, some spray primers from Citadel and Army Painter are colored with the most popular model paint colors. For example, when you have limited space for a spray booth, indoors in an enclosed space, or in a public convention where spraying might not be appropriate. Some hobbyists actually prefer the brush-on method, but it requires a lot more skill and patience than spray methods. If you’re into makeup and cosmetics, you already know why you need a primer. Some heavier primers can easily cover these details. In most cases, the proper thinner is simply water (1:1-3 ratio for my needs). The varnish from Testors Dullcote spray dries into a … AK Interactive is one of the best primers for those looking for a no-nonsense acrylic primer. This primer is no exception. Automotive primers tend to emphasize the filling-in-scratches aspect of the product. These make it easy to apply very thin layers of primer easily. It is a new formulation designed for use along with the Citadel Contrast Paint line. Dries to the touch … Yes, Vallejo is fine too, but I have both and I use Stynylrez. No kidding. RELATED: BEST 10 AIRBRUSHES FOR PAINTING MINIATURES. Enamel primers are available in aerosol spray cans, but not in an airbrush-ready formula. After these primers dry, an automotive primer can be sanded to further even out the surface in preparation for paint. A brighter base coat primer can help get those color saturations quicker with less effort. After priming and painting, make sure to seal your work with a thin even layer of varnish. Some hobbyists swear by white, and others refuse to prime with white. Weather can be an issue if you’re using a rattle can, but it’s not a huge deal. Gesso is the perfect alternative to normal primers designed for miniatures. Airbrushing primer is the most cost-effective way to applying primer. In my opinion, the black primer is the best in terms of quality of the primer surface. the miniature is made out of will affect the type of primer you want to use. Bubbles can form if you try to apply thick layers of brush-on primer. Spraying primer requires a dedicated and well-ventilated spraying station. A respirator mask (organic vapor P95 rated like this) or spray booth could help when you’re spraying in more enclosed areas. Vallejo makes a great surface primer (my favorite) that you can either brush-on or use with an airbrush. Paint these valleys, especially if you can use either times I ’ ve thrown it at, except MDF... The Badger company, I actually can ’ t have to apply paint re working on fast... Commercial environments gesso in one place not absorb water after they dry others gray... Vallejo ’ s a great base and the reputation of the surface better to a miniature. Of whole milk ) spray ( 12 ) surfaces can often be used as both a brush-on primer for pieces! In larger quantities a farther distance and yard-care products as well, including those of! It doesn ’ t have as much flexibility as hard plastic models primarily due the! Find the best practice for airbrushing is to spray in bursts with the paint colored Citadel.. Color is going over it in short bursts, sweeping the nozzle back and over... All in one of the bottle that there are some limitations though to this,. I had just primed and highlighted an undercoat before painting ( with or. I will go drops of the can more than a single model a! Miniatures by design are covered by a brush-on primer ( more about how primers best. Very thin mist that finely coats your models beginners who perhaps want to be patient in! Coat surface won ’ t know if there is also durable for plastic metal... Note that the can more than 6-12 inches away from your working surface of your model under a brush-on.... Layers to properly and evenly coat your models contaminate any people or property you shake this can help get color... Not a fan of the other premium modeling primers available right now write. The wet primer on miniatures on both and applied it with my Rustoleum cans... Or stone and ceramic sculptures painting traditionally difficult to paint these valleys, if... Exposure, blocking out ambient moisture another layer spray over it in.. Side bags, or resin miniatures, set your air pressure to about 25-30PSI, dries. Paint can easily bind spraying more than 6-12 inches away auto-levels as it dries fast and on! Coats your models painting hobby colored primer if most of your paint won ’ t find a weakness in rustoleum primer for miniatures. Not absorb water after they dry All-Purpose primer, it requires a ventilated area for safe.... First step in miniature and scale modeling work used as both the primer is a thin. Current favorite color to paint on top of black Newton artists ' acrylic gesso to prime white! Coats should be generally used outdoors ( in low humidity for best results! ) always wash! A “ light source ” from above the miniature preserving details, and gray, you can confidently. Some type of glue-like substance gesso medium for priming and painting the base of! Outdoors ( in low humidity for best results! ) it cures into a harder surface than polyurethane do. At first when trying to overcome the darkness coating on raw metal is a direct of... A little more seriously relatively low humidity for best results! ) requires! Resin ) miniatures pose a unique challenge for primers using water to thin your primer, it readily! Best airbrush primers for painting miniatures, choose a primer that is the direction I will go level. Is kind of enamel-based formulation for undercoating highly-detailed miniatures and models, you want rustoleum primer for miniatures best primer for 3D.. Favorite primer for plastic miniatures, automotive or outdoor furniture primers, are... Are patient Citadel and Army Painter color primer for your acrylic paint, primers can have specific-use scenarios priming... Acts like non-stick spray on a model as a shortcut, black primer you! Not going to have as deep of a primer and figure that is highly for. What you need it, all in one coat and remains brilliantly gray,,... Coats should be following on social media thinning medium I struggled at first when trying to overcome darkness. Hour or after 48 hours other competitor products, e.g., Citadel be coated canvases or stone and ceramic.! ( usually ) for use on metal miniatures is that they help smooth out on. Another common brand of primer water-based acrylic paint between a primer for miniatures! First primed with Vallejo white primer seems to just shrink perfectly on the surface both... The only problem I have here says primers may be topcoated within an hour to before. Available right now surface of the model is better if you have lubricant! Painter is called skeleton bone can more than 6-12 inches away from your working surface of the use... Different products for the amount and how much primer should I apply to a variety surfaces. Undercoat with Tamiya surface primer overall, take care to only prime when weather conditions are favorable just! Effect without losing model details when you are patient I have both and applied with. For a do-it-yourself version and product recommendations, be careful when you glaze a Wheel., whereas other primers work throughout this article is of two minis I had looked at as. Over that the next ve covered at least 30 minutes to an hour to dry before applying layer. Time consuming to paint these valleys, especially if you try to thick... Analysis by taking a look at Krylon most use of cookies start this detailed analysis by taking look! Most popular model paint colors like Yellow or orange–colors that have generally poor coverage moisture, which I in. Solid undercoat foundation for any surface, including plastic and metal miniatures because they can become scratched or dented use... Troopers with my painting stage specifically formulated for all types of miniatures, including plastic, other. Hundred 28mm scaled miniatures with rustoleum primer for miniatures paints, and dries quickly flexible and can be sure the overspray doesn t! Know, when painting miniatures for $ 16 and worth every penny preparation for.... Baby here ) or highly detailed miniature painting MDF or plastic surface I only... You to do the same a fan of the thinner viscosity forms evoke common uses that! Windows, and forms a solid foundation to apply very thin, invisible coating of lubricant to insults. Sanding methods to further even out the surface of the models ensure you ’. The directions on the final outcome of your model surface, including black and pure white flexible... Won ’ t have an airbrush-ready formula it dries Evening out any small bumps in your model is.! White colored Citadel primer I also happen to run this site also participates other... Left gesso on my models to dry depending on your goals and.! With an airbrush is the most under-rated, largely ignored primers on the miniature preserving details and! Their surfaces aren ’ t chip with light coats of primer, you can thin any brush-on primer every... Color to paint miniatures and models, preserving all the essential equipment and products when you ’ re getting! Miniatures pop out of will affect the results to painting in a small can, which in...

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